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With over 15 years experience repairing building new roofs on homes in Austin, we notice all the little things that even customers don’t. And we're roofing contractors that make sure the job gets done right.


Part of what we mean by excellent customer service is that we show up on time and complete projects with as little interference in customers lives as possible, within budget.


Our customers love us and love the work we do, whether it's roof repair or new residential roofing, we're just better than other Austin roofing companies. Check us out on Yelp or our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

About Us


At Premier Roofing we are proud to offer the finest products and services in Central Texas. You can always count on Premier to deliver a quality product, on budget and that is certain to meet or exceed your expectations.

If you're looking for a local Austin roofing company with superb customer service and impeccable workmanship, you've already taken a step in the right direction by considering Premier Roofing.



Our mission is to have the best reviews of any Austin roofing company out there by providing the absolute highest quality workmanship and superb customer service.

Austin Roofing Contractors

At Premier Roofing, we install and repair roofs of all types, and our experts can fix leaks, add high-quality felt, remove an old roof and add vents to the ridges of the house. Our business is also able to install flashing that can protect the area around the chimney and the sections of the roof that come into contact with the home's siding.

Submitting Insurance Claims

If a storm has damaged your home's shingles, our Austin roofing contractors can help you to create a checklist of necessary repairs. The claim will list the required products and the overall cost of each repair, and our roofing contractor can determine the date by which the project will be completed.

Removing an Old Roof

Our experts can typically tear off old shingles within two days. If a house's existing roof is made of wood, our roofers may need three days to take off the old shingles. Once the roof has been removed, our company will extract all of the nails that are still embedded in the wooden panels of the roof.

Our Roofing Services

Adding New Boards

Over time, rain and ice can cause the wooden panels to decay, and as a result, the roof could collapse. Our business is able to install boards that have a thickness of 1 inch to 2 inches, and many of these wooden panels come with a warranty.

Ice Guard

Our roof company will place ice guard near the edges of the roof because excessive moisture typically builds up in these sections. Ice guard is substantially thicker than felt, and the product can protect the wooden boards from hail.

Adding New Vents

Numerous studies have indicated that vents can improve the air quality of the upper floors of a home, and a recent analysis also showed that these products could reduce a household's yearly energy costs by 10 percent. Each roofer will add extra nails to the vents in order to help the products to withstand wind and heavy rain.


Getting Started With Premier Roofing

In order to find out more information about our roofing company's services, you should call 512-491-9900. If you would like to read outstanding reviews from satisfied customers, you can check out our page on Google or Yelp. Furthermore, you may obtain a free price estimate by completing the form on our website.