Premier’s Standard vinyl panel
Standard panel of the competition

Vinyl Siding Quality is paramount to a successful long-lasting job. One of the best-kept secrets amongst siding companies is that any siding looks goof for a while. It’s the premium and name brand sidings that look good 5 year and beyond. Premier is not obligated to purchase siding from any manufacturer, like some of our competitors. As an independent siding company, we are free to install whatever brand we choose. We have chosen to sell and install only those sidings which are manufactured to the highest standards and offer a wide variety of choices for our clients!

In addition to choosing only the best products, we’re careful to select only those manufacturers with a proven track record of quality. The Vinyl Siding Institute is an independent not for profit testing and monitoring organization that rates companies and products. We’ve provided a direct link to the VSI site. Feel free to look at their information before choosing a siding company!

norandexvinylalcoavinylThere are many siding manufacturers in the world. We have chosen to use Alcoa and Norandex products. Alcoa is one of the oldest and most established companies in the world. As a matter of fact Alcoa was one of the original members of the New York Stock Exchange when it was formed back in the 1800’s. Norandex is a relative newcomer but their factories and plants are brand new, built to their specific requirements. Norandex is also a subsidiary of Owens-Corning, which is one of the strongest companies in the United States. There are other good manufacturers and even more bad ones. Take the time to learn about siding and be Informed!