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Insurance Claims

Dealing with an insurance claim does NOT have to be like reading a star chart.  Your roof just got hammered with hail. Who should you call?


The safety of your family always comes first. Property can be replaced or repaired. After the dust settles, the first person you’ll want to call is your insurance agent. Premier should be your second call. We are experienced with all types of insurance hail losses. We specialize with getting you’re job completed as quickly as possible! The only difference between an insurance loss and an elective roofing project is dealing with the insurance company. That’s our specialty.


At Premier we specialize with insurance work. As a matter of fact, we are a PRIME VENDOR for several major insurance carriers. They call us when their clients need help! The owner of Premier is a former Claims Manager that worked with insurance claims for nearly 10 years. We understand the claim process, we use the same estimating software as insurance companies, and we know how to work with the adjusters to affect a quick and accurate appraisal so that your job can be finished quickly and professionally.


Want to learn about hail damage and how it affects your roof? Click our special What is Hail Damage page.


Cost conscious and quality obsessed roofers based out of the great city of Austin Texas.

At Premier Roofing, we install and repair roofs of all types. We are also able to install flashing that can protect the area around the chimney and the sections of the roof that come into contact with the home’s siding.

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