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Roofing Products

Premier Roofing is proud to offer the following great products associated with our roofing services. We use a variety of roofing products from leading manufacturers. We select the best product to fit your unique roof based on color, length of serviceability and price performance.

Below is a list of our primary suppliers. It is by no means exhaustive, however, it does give you just a hint of the quality products which we use in completing your project. Just click on the corporate logo to go directly to their website to view their products or click on the buttons to view information we have collected.

Each offers a thorough list of products available and some even allow you check out what different color shingles might look like on your home. Please also check out our own Roof Selector to help you understand the shingles available and what might work best for you.


Cost conscious and quality obsessed roofers based out of the great city of Austin Texas.

At Premier Roofing, we install and repair roofs of all types. We are also able to install flashing that can protect the area around the chimney and the sections of the roof that come into contact with the home’s siding.

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