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What Is Hail Damage?

The search for hail damage doesn’t require Sherlock Holmes but you might need to enlist the aid of a trained professional from Premier to assess for potential damage.


Not every hailstorm causes roof damage. For the most part, assessing hail damage is a subjective process. Many factors can influence the outcome.

Composition Roofs – Hail damage to composition roofs occur when a hailstone strikes the shingle and damages the integrity of the fiberglass matt. The matt consists of a very thin fiberglass material on the underneath side of the shingle. Damage also occurs when a hailstone strikes the edge of the shingle, causing it to break-off a piece. The edge chipping is easy to see but the solid hit in the middle of the shingle may only manifest itself with a small bruise or darkening of the area. To the untrained eye, center hits or bruising may be difficult to detect.

Once the integrity of the fiberglass matt is breached, the affected area will wear much more quickly. Leakage or other forms of damage may now show-up for years but the damage has already been done. Hail damage is like a potential medical condition. When in doubt, check it out! The longer an assessment is put-off, the more difficult it is to detect the damage. After a while, hail damage can fade into the shingle as deterioration.

Hail affects each roof on an individual basis. Not all hailstones are hard and softer hail simply leaves splatter marks with no damage. The direction and slope of the roof makes a difference of how damage occurs. It’s entirely possible to have only half a roof damaged! The color of the shingle or how soon the damage is assessed can make a difference. The biggest factor affecting most hail damage is the age and condition of the roof. Newer roofs simply hold-up better than older roofs. The most difficult situation of hail damage assessment often involves old roofs that get hit by small hail. Normally, small hail doesn’t affect roofs but it can have a profound affect on an older roof. Older roofs usually show signs of deterioration. It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to differentiate between normal deterioration and fresh hail damage.

Soft hail splattering – No Damage

Normal deterioration
with cracking


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At Premier Roofing, we install and repair roofs of all types. We are also able to install flashing that can protect the area around the chimney and the sections of the roof that come into contact with the home’s siding.

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